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Modlon Polymers India PVT LTD

Modlon Polymers India Private Limited is committed to recycle and reuse all kinds of Engineering Plastics materials .Continuous research and advance processes have made it possible to use almost every kind of engineering plastics all over again like virgin materials. We have recycled and modified Nylons , Polycarbonates, ABS and PP for our satisfied customers.

Reprocessing Services

Modlon Polymers is a provider of quality thermoplastic reprocessing and recycling services. We maintain a reputation for producing quality products and providing professional guidance. We currently bale, shred, grind, pelletize and blend raw materials for the plastics industry.

We have Twin screw extruders which are technically better than kneader or single screw extruders for compounding needs. We can have better dispersion of additives and colours.

At Modlon, we believe that great partnerships are fostered through mutual trust and accountability.

Call today for a specific input on your plastic compounding needs. The rewards will be a new partnership in success.